Monday, July 19, 2010

Wedding Day ~ Mount Timpanogos Temple

Yeah....We're Married!!!!
I wish I could say it went off without a hitch...but that would be the furthest from the reality of our perfectly imperfect wedding day!

They're had been a lot of chaos with the wedding. To goes back to way before we were ever married!

My friend Kaylee got married in February to her awesome little Aussie Phil....I was a bridesmaid (the first wedding of the 4 I would be in in 5 months...including my own). I also made her wedding cake during midterm exams.

After brother Matthew married his southern beauty, Anita to start off the weddings for the family! They got married in the Orlando, Florida temple! It was beautiful. My family was nearly late- per usual. But nothing could ruin their day. After that we went to West Palm for their Open House at Anita's home...Her parents by the way are wonderful....AND brilliant! Their children will be little geniuses! But a big congrats to my big bro and his amazing wife!

After the craziness of flying to the other side of the country for Matthew's wedding, Cole and I wrapped up our Winter Semester and he moved back to Idaho until we got married- which, by the way, was less than awesome. That was followed by Kalob & Elise's wedding. They got married in Boise and the weather was beautiful. Elise decorated their reception amazingly- apparently she had had it planned for a very long time. Black and Red made for beautiful wedding colors.

During all of this, I had decided to take spring classes while I was working, planning a wedding, and making my own wedding cake. It all got crazy a couple of weeks before the wedding when the turquoise boots I had ordered weren't going to be here for the wedding. I thought that was the biggest of my problems...boy was I wrong! I got white boots instead and I thought the rest was smooth sailin! Again--very very wrong! The week before I had finals, while working, moving out of my apartment, making my own wedding cake, travelling back to Casper, and finalizing all the plans. The day before the wedding, I drove to Utah- picked Matt & Anita up from the airport and began all the little things like picking up the flowers and my dress. Sitting at my Aunt's house is when I got the worst possible news for a wedding- (well I guess other than the groom or something wouldn't be there)
- my photographer wouldn't be there.
Not quite according to plan! Haha
She found a random photographer in Utah to take her place who turned out to be simply amazing and actually knew Matthew from before. It worked out but I went to take pictures with her the morning of my wedding and didn't even know her name and hadn't seen her work. But a big shout out to Natalie Meibos of Captured by Natalie Photography! She was so fun and I'll forever be grateful for her willingness to commit to shoot a wedding at 11pm the night before the actual wedding.

Then...the women in the temple were- well, less than cordial. They were yelling at me, but whispering...because it's the temple- nevermind the fact it was my wedding day. They kept saying "You're so late- why are you so late?" Which, for the first time in my life- I was not....I know- Shocker! I was there at 1:00 and our sealing was scheduled for 2:00 And then they kept saying "well you have to hurry or we'll miss the session" and "you cant wear that dress- we have to get permission from the temple president" and then "you can leave your stuff right there in the bridal room" and then five minutes later another lady yells at me "why are you leaving your stuff there- you can't do that- you have to move it and we have to go" So all the rushing and then we had to sit for 20 minutes and wait....But then we went into the sealing room and everything

was finally peaceful for the first time in I dont even know how long. I knew thats where we were supposed to be and all of the difficulties of the wedding made so much sense. Satan had been endeavoring to ruin the most important day of our lives. Of course he would, we were doing exactly what we were supposed to be doing through God's authority given to that Temple Sealer to seal us together for not only time but for all eternity. It was beautiful. It was wonderful. And it was worth it.

And then we walked out of the temple...Mr. and Mrs. Nelson! I was so happy. And then we found out that someone had hit the Olive Garden where we were going to have our dinner with their car. At that point- I just laughed... of course it did! My dad said "For all the planning you did- it's amazing how everything went wrong!" So true- but it made the day more memorable. The important things were still what were important. We had amazing friends and family there to support us and I was finally married to the Love of my life! Nothing else mattered.

Well...thats our wedding! Perfectly imperfect....but it's ours and it's forever!
Mrs. Head-Over-Heels

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