Friday, September 6, 2013

Summer Recap

It feels like a lot has happened since I wrote about Cole getting his job. Cole worked at my hospital this summer, so we got to have lunch together everyday! Which is something I've already begun to miss.

We started the process of looking for a house in early June. We didn't really expect to find one, but we found the house we fell in love with at the end of July. Pretty quickly actually! We put in an offer and had a couple counter offers back and forth with the seller. But we had an accepted offer and then we signed our names about 5 million times when we signed our lives away- weirdly, we weren't nervous at all...just SO excited!! In the process, the sellers were painting and putting in new carpet throughout the main floor. We decided we wanted to upgrade the carpet pad and carpet which was an fantastic plan- so worth it! It's a much bigger house than our one bedroom we were renting. We have three bedrooms upstairs, 1.5 bathrooms, a kitchen, laundry room, and living room. Downstairs needs some updating- I'm not really into keeping the orange shag carpet and wood paneling in the two bedrooms, and Cole has big plans for a theater room downstairs. We'll see when we have time to start on that but we have a big back yard and a deck, so as I see it, I better be getting a puppy!

And we're loving our new ward. It's a really big ward with a lot of young couples and young families. The nursery, they've said has 121 kids! Cole and I have new callings as team teachers in the primary. We're really excited- I'm so ready for the husband of mine to be home every Wednesday night and not going on camping trips and crap with the young men- and I'm just so thrilled to not be teaching Sunday school to teenagers anymore who you can't get off their cellphones. Primary kids respond to candy. I'm all about kids answering my questions after I throw them a tootsie roll!

We finally hired another full time ultrasound tech, so I finally get to go down to being part time. It was pretty exhausting consistently working way more than 40 hours a week, I pretty much neglected grocery shopping for as long as I can remember. Whoops!

Cole has started teaching so I guess that means summer is officially over. He's pretty excited and seems to be really loving the subjects he's teaching. He's also on jury duty for 3 months (which is frankly ridiculous) so he has to call in every Friday night to see if he'll have to go in the next week....He's not really loving that.  But he's off to Utah tonight with his friends to go golfing and go to the BYU-Texas football game tomorrow night. I on the other hand am sitting at home watching my newest guilty pleasure show- I may or may not have ordered the first season of The Mindy Project and watched it beginning to end once already. It's seriously my favorite- I LOVE it.

That's about all for now.


Monday, June 10, 2013


Odd that I'm blogging only a month later, right? I know! However we've started feeling like grown-ups at our house!

Cole found out that he got a full time teaching job at Declo Junior High. We're seriously thrilled! It's been a long time coming- my awesome husband has just been patiently paying his dues with the school district for the past two years subbing. So you can imagine how stoked we are that it finally worked out! He'll be teaching Geography, Sports Medicine, and PE, so he'll be wearing basketball shorts and a t-shirt most days. Pretty much- his dream job! He also got a sweet gig at the hospital that I work at maintaining the grounds for the summers. That's unheard of- to find a seasonal job for EVERY summer! He's pretty impressive!

I'm working full time for now since one of the full time ultrasound techs quit. Believe me- I totally love my job, but it's pretty physically demanding. My shoulder and neck really take a beating with working 40 hours a week (or 50-60 hours when I'm on call all weekend). So I'll be pretty excited to go back to my part-time position when we hire another tech!

So we're just enjoying the novelty of having careers and stuff!

That's all for now,


Monday, May 13, 2013

May update

The past few months for the Nelson's has been pretty crazy. We've been travelling a lot and now we've just been enjoying our time at home.

In March, I took my OB/GYN registry and passed, which made me a registered diagnostic medical sonographer. It was another time consuming, emotionally exhausting exam to prepare for, but I felt like I really knew the material and I was ready for it. Since then, I've been procrastinating starting to study for my abdomen registry and just enjoying having no school and no test to study for right now.

They actually hired me on at the Burley hospital with a real job with benefits and everything. It's been pretty fantastic. I work three days a week and I'm on call quite a bit but the call isn't nearly as bad as it was in Twin Falls. So I'm really beginning to love working here in Burley but I especially love not having a 45 minute commute.

Since I last wrote, the boys basketball team went to State Basketball and lost both games. It was still pretty fun to see them play up there. He's since been coaching track and we're headed up to Boise for state track this weekend.

At the end of March, we headed to Casper for my sweet cousin, Natalie's funeral. She was only 34 and had two kids and died pretty tragically so it's been a bit of a blow to my whole family. It was definately difficult to be home for such a sad occassion, but it was nice to see my Mother's extended family that we rarely see. Those terrrible instances in our life make you really appreciate the knowledge of the Gospel- that there is so much more waiting for us on the other side of death. I'm so grateful for that knowledge that she is in a better place, even though we miss her here.

After we got home from Casper, we stayed pretty consistently busy until we headed to Orlando to see my big brother, his wife and their sweet baby boy! Super cool kid! We got to be there for his first time swimming- I've never seen a kid love water so much! My favorite thing that he does is hold himself on the edge of his stroller, leaning forward while Matthew speeds him around Disney World laughing the whole time. Seriosuly, so much fun! We spent 4 days at Walt Disney World, to my husband's delight! Anita showed us some pretty great perks to Disney and she also showed us some of the really fun resorts. We had so much fun, it was really hard to leave. Good thing we have some pretty great reasons to visit.

We're just livin the dream here in Burley and loving it!


Friday, February 15, 2013

Whoops....8 month hiatus!

So I completely and utterly suck at this blog. I don't even have valid excuses because everyone is busy! But let's be honest- my poor husband is lucky if I cook for him obviously the blog isn't high on priorities!

Since it's been 8 months since I've been on here- crap that's embarrassing- why do I have this again? We've had quite a lot happen.

I graduated....again. In December I finished my medical sonography program at Weber State so that I have two bachelors degrees. I think it's more embarrassing than something to be proud of- but it's the path that I was supposed to follow to get to where I am. I'm grateful for it but I'm also really glad to be done with schooling. I still have big, scary, expensive, three hour registries to study and take but it's kinda the beginning of the end. And it's really rare in my field to have a degree in ultrasound so it's a pretty big deal.

I've started working full time between two different hospitals- in Burley where we live and 45 minutes away in Twin Falls where I did my clinical rotations. I'm on call in Twin once a week so I have to be at the hospital in 30 minutes when they call me in. So I stay at the hospital one night a week. That stinks and is totally stressful...borderline panic attack stressful sometimes but I learn a lot from the emergent cases that come in during the night and I really miss being with Cole that one night a week.

He doesn't do too bad by himself because he's been living the dream coachin Burley Bobcat Basketball. I go to A LOT of basketball since he is an assistant coach for both the 9th grade boys and the varsity team. They're doing quite well and headed for State which is in Boise in March.

We spent a few days in Wyoming for Thanksgiving- not nearly as much as I would have liked but we loved being there! Then Christmas in Elba with Cole's family- typical beautiful cold white Christmas! Well 6 short paragraphs for 8 months...that's good right! Here's hopin I'll be better with this promises!


Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Busy Busy

Alright- so our life lately! We've been really really busy!!!

We were able to go home to Casper for a bit at the beginning of June. We got to spend some time with our friends Shelly, Nick, Natalie and John. And then I got to see Amber and her cute little belly- I'm so excited to meet her little one! It makes it really hard to leave close friends, and I really do have some of the most amazing friends. And we always love spending time at home with my parents, we went and saw Men In Black III and then just spent time relaxing with them.

Then we got home and Cole got a free pass of SportsCenter for about 3 weeks while I devoted my life to studying ultrasound physics. I took my exam on Saturday, and after the 30 hours of studying I put into it, I passed! This exam is the first of my board exams to be a certified ultrasonographer, so it was one of the most important exams of my career.

During that time of studying- Cole and I also celebrated our 2 year anniversary! We are so excited- it's weird to think that it's already been two whole years but I love him more than I ever have. He's so good to me and I can't imagine being married to anyone else.

While we were in Boise for the exam, we also got a new niece added to the family-Cole's' sister Tenelle had her little Amilya. We got to go see her at the hospital when we got home, we love her already! We also got to spend some time with Devin and Claire in Boise. It had been a long time since we got to see them, so it was fun to get caught up with them and their plans for their baby that they're expecting!

Cole has begun all the summer ranch activities. He started putting up hay yesterday so he's gone early in the morning and gets home kinda late. We are really excited for the July 4th celebrations in Almo this year. I've always loved the 4th and we get to spend a lot of time with Cole's cousins that come to Elba for the festivities.

That's all for now!


Monday, April 2, 2012


As I think everyone has now accepted, this blog is RARELY current. In truth- I forget about it much of the time, and the other times I that I do remember, I don't have the time and more often- the energy to write. But every once in a while I feel like I should throw out a little update- even though there isn't too much to report!

Cole is still at the high school nearly everyday and has started coaching the sprinters on the track team....He was a sprinter in high school....I was not. (So if our kids are slow, have bad eyesight, and are cavity-prone...sadly I won't be able to blame him for any of it!) After track practice he heads to Elba to feed the cows and check on the baby calves since it's calving season. While I do love baby calves, I hate that Cole is usually gone when I get home from the hospital at night.

However, my whole life I've wanted a baby calf to be born on my birthday! Even though it seems like it should happen all the time since the first part of April is still calving season- it has NEVER happened. Until Dad called me to tell me he had a little bull calf born this morning. Yeah- I sound like a country girl...but I'm STOKED! Judge me!

I'm nearing the half way point of my ultrasound program and I'm learning a lot- I still love ultrasound and I love going to the hospital everyday. I have some great ultrasonographers who teach me a lot and are so encouraging. I love every minute of it! I'll be heading to L.A. in May for a conference on ultrasound physics...sounds fun doesn't it? It'll be preparing me for an ultrasound registry exam... basically like and ACT exam...4 hours of how Physics pertains to ultrasound. Jealous?

Last week, I did get to go to Provo for a bit. My friend Maren and I have our birthdays 5 days apart so it's kinda been tradition the past 5 years to go to dinner to celebrate! I've missed her so much. And I got to go see her teach her 2nd graders! She's spectacular! It's a good thing some people are made to teach...because I was exhausted just watching her teach 25 2nd graders for an hour and a half!

While I was in Provo, I also got to see my old roommates Kaylee, Jordan, Chelsea, Corina, Cathryn, and Melissa! They are seriously some of the neatest people you could ever know! I love seeing them so much and they always seem to make time to see me when I come to town! I couldn't ask for better friends!

And tonight...for my birthday- Cole is making me a cake....and I'm thinking about giving in and letting him watch the college basketball championship....we'll see! This is a real predicament if this will be a yearly occurence.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

January Update

Wow...I even fail at keeping this a monthly update blog! My apologies. I sometimes think that I should write another post, but honestly- it doesn't cross my mind too much. I frankly don't have the time to be a daily poster nor do I have the exciting adventures to warrant such frequency. Even when it's been almost two months, I don't feel I have too much to share.

As proven by this blog, it has been a long time since I last wrote. Cole and I did move into that little house in Burley and we are loving every single minute of it. We are loving our ward and received new callings this past week. Cole is the new Gospel Doctrine teacher and everyone has already gushed to me how excited they are to have him. Natural born teacher that husband of mine. And I was called to be the Sunday School teacher for the 14 and 15 year olds- they aren't responding to candy which is my go-to technique. I'm in trouble!

I have started my clinical work in Twin Falls- so I drive 45 minutes every Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. I'm up at 6:30 and for those that know me even a little, know that I am not a morning person. But I'm getting better. Shocked? Of course you is my husband!

It's a daunting profession I've chosen but I love it more and more every day and I love being in a hospital. Most people think it's easy, that you just set the probe on someone's belly and take pictures. I can assure you it is a million times more complicated than that. But I'm getting better and understanding more and learning to love learning. It gets hard because I want it to be a year from now, working in my field and making money. But right now, I'm proud of the fact that I'm doing what I've always wanted to do.

Cole is still subbing mostly at the highschool and some at the junior high. He is busy nearly everyday. I think he misses being the actual teacher but he enjoys being with the kids. We are avid Burley basketball attendees...which Cole loves! And he'll also be coaching track and field in the spring.

See, we really aren't too exciting. Busy, per usual and living the dream in the thriving metropolis that is Burley, Idaho.